Success 4 Kids & Families is a nonprofit organization that helps families, regardless of their income, navigate the system and get the help they need.

Success 4 Kids & Families is a nonprofit organization that provides family-focused behavioral health and psychoeducational services to assist both individuals and families.

Success 4 Kids & Families focuses on case management and care coordination. It is like the general contractor who gathers the subcontractors together to construct a building. In other words, they help families navigate the system to ensure stronger families.

Pam Jeffre, LCSW, executive director for Success 4 Kids & Families, said, “We are the people who walk with a family to find them the services. We make sure the families are connected with the right providers.”

So, if, for example, your child is having behavior issues in school, you can contact Success 4 Kids & Families and it will work with you.

Jeffre said, “Sometimes, we find that therapy is needed, but sometimes all the child needs is tutoring. In some instances, we will find that the real problem is a sibling. We help the whole family if needed.”

Jeffre explained, “If a child is involved in multiple systems — school, the juvenile justice system and mental health — we can help the child and the family navigate the system and get the help they need.”

Success 4 Kids & Families’ services are provided for free. If a family does not have insurance, it can work with them to find providers who can help. All of the services that Success 4 Kids & Families offers are provided in your home or at a neutral location.

Jeffre said, “We try to develop an individualized family-support plan and then follow it like a map. We also work to break down barriers such as language and lack of transportation, if those are issues.”

The organization also provides pre- and post-natal care support for women and their infants. Its Healthy Start program offers help for pregnant women and for up to a year post-pregnancy. Education and case management are provided at home. Jeffre explained, “Every pregnant woman gets a Healthy Start screening at their OB-GYN’s office or at the hospital. Based on the results, and if the woman consents, we can provide assistance to ensure a healthy birth and a good first year.”

Additionally, Success 4 Kids & Families offers a program called Successful Families which supports the communities surrounding east and south Children’s Board Family Resource Centers with bilingual, culturally competent services, including counseling and parenting support through the Nurturing Parenting program.

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