How many of you know that we have a first-class RC airfield in our backyard as well as a certified USA-BMX track?

Triple Creek RC Aircraft Club (TCRC), situated on 58 acres of county-owned property shared with the BMX Triple Creek track, is located at 12705 Balm Boyette Rd. south of Rhodine Rd. and north of County Road 672 and Balm Road in Riverview.

The club, which has been active for over 17 years and has nearly 150 members, provides a wonderful opportunity for both new as well as established RC pilots to join a group of like-minded enthusiasts who love to fly, instruct or just hang out and enjoy a day at the airfield.

The airfield features a 350-foot by 35-foot paved runway, a 40-acre flat and mowed outfield, and three taxiways. There is a large, open pit area for parked aircraft and a covered pit area with worktables and electricity at every station for pilots to work on their planes. There is also a spectator area with a kitchen and serving area for anyone wanting to prepare a snack at the park.

“Getting started is as easy as contacting the club or an existing member and setting up an intro flight,” said Keith Hall, president of the TCRC. Existing members will be happy to discuss the requirements and gear necessary to get started. It was surprising how little of an investment it took to get involved with RC planes if taking it up as a new hobby.

“All you need is an airplane, transmitter, AMA membership for insurance and a FAA registration, the same as drone operators need. Trainer planes start as low as $200 and can be found at local hobby shops as well as online, or you can come out to the field at one of our swap meets and look over several options giving you the opportunity of meeting and speaking with previous owners.”

“We are a fly-at-your-own-risk facility, so I advise beginners to start with a trainer plane and work their way up. New pilots team with existing members early using a buddy-box system where both have control of the plane. Once it has taken off and you are comfortable controlling the aircraft, you take full control and begin learning the basic skills.” If you enjoy your experience and want to join, a one-time initiation fee plus low annual dues are the only additional costs.

Aircraft seen at the airfield include helicopters and drones, although you are more likely to hear the buzz or roar of RC planes overhead. Whether it’s trainers, gliders, sport planes, aerobatics and scale planes, warbirds or jets, you never know what you might see flying at TCRC. For those owning drones, Keith welcomes them, as he is a fellow drone operator. “Drones can be a lot of fun, but in my opinion there is no comparison between flying my drone and taking out one of my planes.”

For more information, please visit Triple Creek RC Aircraft Club’s Facebook page or at its website at

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Brian Bokor
Brian Bokor has lived in the Valrico area since 1997 and started writing freelance for The Osprey Observer in 2019. Brian (appraiser) and his wife, Sharon (broker), run a local real estate company (Bokors Corner Realty) as well as manage the Facebook page Bokors Corner, which highlights local-area commercial and residential development.