Scott and Barbara Eder, founders of Scarb Enterprises LLC, displaying their games.

Lithia-based company Scarb Enterprises LLC is adding a new twist to one of the world’s oldest sports, bowling, with its bowling adventure games Dragon Bowl and Raceway Alley. Founded by Scott and Barbara Eder, Scarb began in 2020 with their partner, Matt Nantais, but the original concept of Dragon Bowl was born over half a decade ago in 2017.

As youth bowling coaches, Scott and Barbara often found that their players were bored of practice. This led Scott to begin experimenting with a method of getting his players more engaged with the practices, and the result was a very rudimentary version of Dragon Bowl, with tape, a mixture of game pieces and dragon figurines.

“Once the bowlers understood the game, we noticed they were actively strategizing for their next moves and much more involved in the process of practicing,” Scott said.

Realizing the potential that their game had, they began to refine it and make the necessary tweaks that resulted in the dragon-slaying adventure that they have now. The game for sale now is a very high-quality, professional creation with astounding attention to detail, as the game has been designed down to the most minute details and littered with bowling references throughout. Despite their relatively recent start, Scarb Enterprises has managed to spread their game to multiple states, reaching as far as Hawaii, capturing players across the country.

Dragon Bowl’s sister game, also produced by Scarb Enterprises, is Raceway Alley, which was designed to appeal all of the racing fans out there. In this game, released in December 2022, bowlers compete on a track on the game board as they race to the finish line, utilizing strategy and skill to win.

“With these games, we are able to grow the sport of bowling in innovative and fun ways,” Barbara said.

Pioneering a new industry is something that is never easy, but with its unique concept, Scarb Enterprises is well on its way to making its name known within the bowling world and beyond. For those who have an interest in board games but have never really connected with bowling, or even if you are just looking for something fun and different to do with friends and family, this game is something to check out.

For more information on Scarb Enterprises and its games, visit or follow along on Facebook at Scarb Enterprises, LLC and Instagram @scarbenterprises.

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