A participant shaping his knife.

While you may not know of many blacksmiths operating in the year 2023, Jordan Cox, known as Jordy the Knife Maker, is working to change that. A former chef turned bladesmith, Cox has quickly developed quite a talent for crafting knives, among various other forged works of art. Thankfully for the public, he is not keeping his talents to himself, as he offers educational classes where you can learn about the ancient art form, and even craft your own knife.

Despite his first foray into the world of blacksmithing only coming a few years ago when he took an introductory class, his dedication to the craft has left his work looking like he has been in practice for decades. A true creative, Cox is constantly innovating with new styles and materials to bring this millenniums-old trade to modern times. In addition to classes, he takes commissions and has a variety of his knives for sale on his website.

“There is a sort of a resurgence happening, and there are a lot of hobbyists in the area. People seem to be really interested in the concept and being able to engage directly with it, as it is like functional artwork,” Cox said.

Currently, he is offering a knife-making class, but he is willing to take on other tasks to help clients bring their visions to life. This is not a watered-down class by any means, as participants not only learn about the art form from a consummate professional but also play an active role in the creation of their knife, guided by him as well. Participants do everything from pounding out the red-hot steel to forming the handle to the blade out of stabilized burl wood. Another incredible element is that by the end of the class, you will have a fully functional chef’s knife to take home with you, no extra steps or days involved.

With a typical class running for roughly eight hours, featuring drinks and a truly impressive lunch, this is the perfect outing for a variety of circumstances. Whether you are looking for a bonding experience with friends and family, a unique date or are simply curious about the craft, this is something that you are not going to find anywhere else.

Jordan Cox Knives is located in Thonotosassa on 12921 Cox Lane Trl. For more information and to book your class, visit https://jordancoxknives.com/ or email jordytheknifemaker@gmail.com.

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