Frank Trunzo received the much-coveted White Glove Award for 100 percent sell-through. He sold an incredible $38 million in just 58 minutes.

Frank Trunzo, owner of Krazy Kup in Plant City, is the head auctioneer for Sotheby’s Concierge Luxury Real Estate Auctions. Trunzo’s path to this auspicious role has been an interesting one.

Trunzo grew up in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He worked as a railroad brakeman and a lead singer in a production rock band in Texas. The latter did not last long, and he moved back to Pittsburg, where became an antique dealer. He was then hired on to be an auctioneer apprentice. He became a prominent auctioneer in Pittsburg and then landed in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he became the go-to celebrity auctioneer. He was thriving in the business.

Unfortunately, his personal life was not so successful. Following a divorce from his first wife, he moved back to Pittsburg, where he met the love of his life: his wife, Wenda. Trunzo explained, “During our time in Pittsburg, my antiques and auction knowledge landed me a position as head auctioneer of the then world-famous Great Gatsby Architectural Antiques Auction in Atlanta.”

Trunzo continued, “A sudden death of the owner ended that quest but opened a door to become head auctioneer at Dargate Auction Galleries, a newly formed upscale antiques and art gallery in Pittsburg.”

Trunzo was then offered a job in Florida.

“In 10 days, I won the state auctioneer championship and two auto auctioneer jobs,” Trunzo explained. “Success of a contract auctioneer was mine. I was working contract auto auctions throughout the East Coast every day. Then, to my dismay, the internet captured the market. I was one of nearly 100 auctioneers working in the same auction group who lost their jobs overnight,” Trunzo added.

Trunzo then established a benefit auction business, which took off. Then, another opportunity presented itself. “I was offered head auctioneer of a newly formed luxury real estate auction company. It was a big gamble,” Trunzo said.

“I have pedigree now. I went from selling items for one dollar in a country hall auction barn to selling multimillion dollar properties,” Trunzo said.

Trunzo has conducted over 5,000 auctions valued at over 5 billion dollars. This occurred in the United States and around the world.

“I hold the world record for the most expensive properties sold at live auction. I have conducted two historic auctions at Sotheby’s New York gallery and one in London,” Trunzo added.

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