The 13 Sue team (left) earned two bids this season, and the 16 Taylor team (right) earned their bid at the Lone Star Classic.

Two Quest Volleyball Academy teams earned USAV (USA Volleyball) Bids at the national qualifiers this season. The 16 Taylor team earned their bid at the Lone Star Classic in Dallas and the 13 Sue team earned a rare two bids in the Sunshine Classic.

A USAV Bid is awarded to a top-performing team and earns the team a spot in the most competitive national tournaments each year.

“These two teams, like others in our program, have worked their way to the top of the age divisions and are well known as competitors in our area,” said director Teresa Tanski. “… Teams like this aren’t built in a season — they’re built because hardworking athletes share a common goal and work towards that goal every day.”

The 16 Taylor team consists of high school sophomores, many of whom have played at Quest for at least two years. The biggest challenge that faced the 16 Taylor team were injuries. One athlete, Siah Kennedy, tore her ACL, and Pamela DeJesus suffered a foot injury during the qualifier, but other, minor injuries have plagued the team during the tournament.

“The players have had to truly step up into new roles and trust each other through the process of overcoming those injuries,” said Tanski.

Other teams have struggled with being overlooked because of the smaller nature of the club. However, the consistency and dedication of the coaches to the programs have allowed the teams to grow stronger.

The 13 Sue team fought for a 20-0 record across two tournaments at the Sunshine Classic and USAV Big South National Qualifier. With their impressive record, the athletes earned their first two bids as a team.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth from both of these teams over several seasons; an improvement in overall ball control and technicality. They’ve also got incredible team chemistry, some of the best camaraderie of any team at Quest,” said Tanski.

Quest Volleyball offers consistent, year-round training for all athletes. Tryouts are typically held in July, with the season running from November through June.

For more information on Quest Volleyball Academy, visit or contact Tanski at 813-382-9322 or

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