Dr. Dawn Ericsson, medical director at ageRejuvenation.

Have you ever wanted to defy the aging process? Who hasn’t? While no one can stop the clock and the passing of time, ageRejuvenation, a local medical spa clinic, can put a plan in place to bring your body back to an optimal level comparable to when your body was the healthiest in your 20s. ageRejuvenation also offers weight loss plans that can help you reach short-term weight loss goals.

Under the medical direction of Dr. Dawn Ericsson, ageRejuvenation is committed to treating symptoms of aging and promoting longer and healthier living regardless of age. Core to its full-scale program is an individualized whole-body approach that helps patients restore their health through hormonal balance, decreased inflammation, improved sexual function and weight loss.

Brett Markowitz, visionary and founder of ageRejuvenation, said it is devoted to customized treatment plans that use advanced diagnostic testing to provide insight into the root causes of symptoms.

“We understand that no two individuals are alike,” Markowitz said. “We also believe that treating the whole body is important. Looking at the thyroid, looking at the hormones, looking at the gut health is essential.”

Clients are given a full-body assessment, which includes a lifestyle assessment with regards to stress, blood tests for hormone analysis and an analysis of food sensitivities and intolerances to support gut health.

“The average person going through traditional doctors and referrals would go through a whole year and a half to get the assessment and labs we do. We do that, day one. You get answers day one,” Markowitz said.

With regards to weight loss goals, ageRejuvenation’s holistic approach to healthy living ensures clients will have long-term success.

“Once you come see us, if you follow what we tell you to do, you are not going to put the weight back on,” said Markowitz.

ageRejuvenation has locations throughout Tampa Bay and will be opening additional locations in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina. The Brandon office is located at 1155 Nikki View Dr. For more information about the services ageRejuvenation offers, visit www.agerejuvenation.com. Call 813-681-8624 for a free consultation.

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