WWII Hero Corrie ten Boom Comes to Life Like Never Before In Theatrical Film The Hiding Place

The three nights of global theatrical cinematic events for The Hiding Place will demonstrate a beautifully filmed stage-play adaptation. The Hiding Place tells the heroic true story of Corrie ten Boom and her family, who risked everything to hide Jewish refugees by the hundreds during World War II before being discovered and ultimately facing the consequences.

Audiences will be moved by the cinematic experience of this unique theatrical show, which is a beautiful homage to the Jewish heritage and highlights the strength of the Jewish and Christian faiths even during times of great despair and suffering.

The Hiding Place will show in select North American theaters on Thursday, August 3 and Saturday, August 5 only before a one-day theatrical run in various international territories on Wednesday, August 16. Tickets are available now at https://thehidingplacefilm.com/.

HGTV Host Page Turner Says Her Show Is A ‘Ministry’ Opportunity

Popular HGTV host Page Turner recently shared how her faith has played a role in her career as a home renovator and real estate broker.

“It speaks to where we can find our lives sometimes,” said Turner regarding her HGTV show, Fix My Flip.  “I’ve been in a stuck place before. Where I just needed a helping hand, just somebody to show me the way, just a bridge to get across.”

Turner grew up in Southern California with an agnostic mother who embraced the New Age thinking of the 1960s, but it wasn’t until Turner was 19 years old that a close friend invited her to church.

She recalled, “I went Friday night three nights in a row and, that third Friday night, I gave my life to the Lord. I was still unclear, not sure what that meant, but I knew that I had peace that I felt in that little old white steeple church on the corner of La Brea and Adams, out here in Los Angeles, and I never turned back after I had that experience with God. I remember it so clearly.”

Knowing her roots, Turner now wears her faith on her sleeve and considers her show as part of a ministry. For more information, visit www.hgtv.com.

Famed Nickelodeon Animator Launches Christian Cartoon Series For Kids: The Garden

Emmy-nominated animator Butch Hartman made his name with a series of Nickelodeon television hits, including his long-running show, The Fairly Odd Parents. He’s now using his talents to spread the good news of Christ in a new series. It’s a Christ-centered children’s animated series which teaches children about the gospel in a way appropriate for their age and level of comprehension.

Hartman and his wife, Julieann, recently released the Christian-themed animated series The Garden, which follows best friends Lenny the Lion and Lucy the Lamb who work inside a garden for God, who they call ‘The Boss.’ In each episode, He gives them an assignment and teaches them Scripture. For more information, visit www.gardencartoon.com.

Martin Scorsese To Make New Movie About Jesus, Says Pope Inspired Him

One of the most decorated filmmakers in Hollywood said he is planning to make another film about Jesus.

Martin Scorsese, a 14-time Oscar nominee, said he decided to make a film about Christ after meeting with Pope Francis during a cinematic event in Italy recently.

“I have responded to the Pope’s appeal to artists in the only way I know how: by imagining and writing a screenplay for a film about Jesus,” Scorsese stated, adding, “And I’m about to start making it.”

The project would not be the first time Scorsese has delved into themes of Catholicism. In 1988, he made The Last Temptation of Christ, and 2016’s Silence, centered on Jesuit Christians.

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