Jasmin Cervantes-Garcia’s brothers have helped her on her road to recovery.

Almost a year after she became the sole survivor of a fatal car crash in Mexico last summer, Jasmin Cervantes-Garcia is proving to be the fighter her family already knew she was.

The 13-year-old suffered traumatic brain injuries in a head-on collision during their annual trip to Mexico that hospitalized her for four months.

Now, with the support of her four older brothers, including Cruz Cervantes, Jasmin has improved immensely.

“We’ve been fighting, going to therapies, doing everything we can as far as making Jasmin’s life a little easier and letting her know she’s not alone, despite losing her parents and grandparents,” said Cruz.

Jasmin has always been an active and sociable person. She loved dancing, playing volleyball and spending time with her family. Following the accident, Cruz quit his job as a crane operator in order to devote his time to caring for his little sister.

Since the accident, Jasmin has been homeschooled, and her brother is hoping she will return to school soon. While she may not be able to play volleyball yet, she has found a new passion for food and eating out.

“The funds that we have raised help towards any medications and any extra little equipment and even her wanting to go out to eat because she’s a big foodie now,” said Cruz. “… Now she’s starting to want to be social and go out and not be in bed all day or in the house alone.”

Cruz said he saw a change in Jasmin around the holidays because she was able to be around her extended family and lots of activity. Jasmin has also improved enough to better communicate when she wants to go out now thanks to the help of speech and physical therapy.

Their GoFundMe page is still actively collecting donations to support Jasmin’s therapies and to help her brother while he stays home with Jasmin.

“From my family, myself and Jasmin, we just want to say thank you to everyone who has had Jasmin in their prayers and have thought about her and anybody and everybody who has helped in any way, shape or form,” said Cruz.

To help Jasmin and her family, members of the community can donate to their GoFundMe at www.gofundme.com/f/bring-jasmin-home-and-medical-expenses.

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