By Avery Ranieri

Tampa General Hospital’s (TGH) profound and expert quality care has been quite literally lifesaving for the past 95 years. But what if you were told patients could be treated with the same quality from the comfort of their own home? That’s right, the program, TGH at Home, saves people the overwhelming experience of a hospital environment while keeping them in the care of trained health care providers.

Patients must first be admitted to the hospital or seen in the Emergency Department to be transferred to TGH at Home, and there are no additional costs. With an average of just three to four out of every 100 individuals from this program readmitted to the hospital, TGH at Home hurdles obstacles and reaches goals in patient care. From simply improving patients’ states of mind to saving approximately 50 lives a year from sepsis, this program is an example of a dawn of a new era for hospitals around the world. Receiving positive patient feedback, Tampa General has hopes to continue advancing the program for the greater good of the community.

Mainly treating only patients with chronic illnesses, the program combines daily in-home visits from expert doctors and nurses, virtual visits and 24/7 remote monitoring. TGH at Home’s hardworking team of staff are eager to expand the area it covers along with continuing to diversify its treatments.

Dr. Peter Chang, vice president of health care design and care transitions, said, “With new technology and processes, we’ve been able to take better care of a patient at home because they are surrounded by their loved ones, a familiar environment, their pets, their normal daily routines and you’re bringing the hospital to them.”

These groundbreaking technologies are found in Tampa General’s CareComm, where artificial intelligence applications store patient data, which then helps to reduce the length of patients’ stays. TGH at Home’s foundation is within this master communication hub. The innovative program works with CareComm to “battle high hospital capacities and provide quality and safety,” said Dr. Chang.

The endless benefits of this program compile into one major thing: world-class care in your own home. TGH at Home’s dedicated team of staff strives to make sure patients are comfortable and taken care of.

“Working with this program reminded me why I became a doctor,” remarked one of Dr. Chang’s colleagues.

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