With experienced team members, you will always feel confident in yourself after visiting Knockouts.

Getting your haircut, a beard trim or an eyebrow wax can be a very intimate experience and finding somewhere and someone that you trust can be difficult.

That’s why Knockouts Haircuts for Men, a men’s salon in the Riverview area, is pulling out all the stops to make your experience as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Knockouts is a sports-themed, full-service salon providing competitively priced haircuts and other grooming services, including coloring, manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing. The salon caters specifically to men by offering a pampering experience at a reasonable price that is not often available when you use a discount walk-in salon or traditional barbershop.

“When customers visit us, they see how different we are right away,” said Mark Norton, co-owner of Knockouts. “From our easy in-and-out location with ample parking to the brand-new build, the store is designed to give a fantastic experience in a luxury environment.”

Because the owners want you to enjoy the experience, they take pride in having a comfortable space. This includes extra-wide and reclining chairs, hair washing stations with heating pads and wheelchair accessibility, a television at every station and more.

“Our attention to detail includes a friendly welcome, professional consultation and expert service,” said Mark, “and our pampering services provided in our casual, sporty environment will leave you relaxed and refreshed.”

The most popular service, Heavyweight, is a one-of-a-kind service only offered by Knockouts and stands alone as the best service available in the area. When you get this package, you are provided with a consultation, wash, expert haircut, neck massage and cleanup, rewash and condition, hot towel for the face, scalp massage, styling and application of products.

The owners, Mark and Tammy Norton, began to notice the lack of luxurious salons that cater to giving men a comfortable, upscale experience for a reasonable price. The Nortons chose Riverview as the location for their first store due to the area’s continued growth, diversity and talented workforce. As seasoned business owners, they know that the Knockouts franchise model would be successful in the Southern Hillsborough County market. In addition, they are now in the process of developing six more stores in Florida.

Knockouts prides itself on creating a comfortable experience where the products used are the best in the industry, the fridge is always stocked and the chairs are always comfortable.

For more information, please visit https://knockouts.com/riverview-fl/ or contact the store by calling 813-280-2963 or emailing swflorida@knockouts.com.

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