Live your legacy now by becoming a volunteer through Seniors in Service. Help a homebound senior, become a cherished mentor to a struggling child or be an appreciated companion to an at-risk veteran.

If you or someone you know is over 55 years old and would like to volunteer for your community, you should contact Seniors in Service. This is an organization that was established in 1984. The mission of Seniors in Service is to provide solutions to community challenges by engaging volunteers ages 55 and older.

Chris Noble, community engagement manager for Seniors in Service, said, “Engaging volunteers is our specialty. Older adults have a lifetime of experiences and talents that can be used to uplift our community. We help seniors of all ages step into the best years of their life and live with purpose through service to others. Research shows volunteering is good for your health. It keeps you active, purposeful and socially connected.”

There are several ways you can serve. Noble explained, “Our volunteers tutor and mentor children, provide companionship for homebound elders, connect disheartened veterans to resources and provide food security for hungry families and individuals. They also use their talents to help other nonprofit organizations accomplish their mission.”

If you are interested, visit to see volunteer opportunities or contact Natalie Salas at or 813-492-8928. Seniors’ passions, skills and schedules are examined to match them with the volunteer opportunity that is right for them.

According to Noble, “The greatest need right now is to recruit volunteers to serve as tutors and mentors in the classroom. We place volunteers who are 55 and older into pre-K through third grade classrooms to serve as classroom grandparents. Volunteers serve 15-20 hours per week in the same classrooms for the entire school year, providing one-on-one tutoring to help struggling students learn to read. Classroom grandparents receive monthly training. Eligible seniors will receive an hourly stipend.”

For many children, a grandparent fills a role that no one else can.

The motto of Seniors in Service is “Got an hour? Given an hour.” There are a lot of opportunities, and many only take an hour a month.

Noble said, “If you want to step into the best years of your life and start serving your community, Seniors in Service can help you find the volunteer opportunity of your dreams. You can join a community of over 1,500 volunteers who are building a better future for children, seniors, families and veterans. Last year our volunteers used their talents to provide over 280,000 hours of service throughout Tampa Bay.”

For more information, please visit

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