The “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy implemented at Kids ‘R’ Kids promotes a kind and safe approach to child care.

By Ava Benedict

Since opening 12 years ago, Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy in FishHawk has been a leader in childcare by creating a nurturing and secure environment. Implementing the new SaferWatch program is just one way that Kids ‘R’ Kids has continued to take steps to ensure safe practices in their facilities and protect the children placed in their care.

SaferWatch is an innovative technology that allows staff to instantly report an incident to law enforcement. Police and first responders are alerted within three seconds after an emergency is reported. Although the program is not designed to replace calling 911, it can help in quickly contacting the authorities. Through the touch of a button, the police can be instantly alerted about an incident and be sent photos or videos of the situation. The local police department can also share information with staff about any suspicious activity or incidents within the area using geo-targeted alerts.

Owner Ben Fernandes emphasized a need for tools like SaferWatch to help keep Kids ‘R’ Kids safe for everyone.

“It’s important to us, as it ensures the safety of the children, staff and parents in the event of a real emergency,” said Fernandes.

Safety has always been a top priority at Kids ‘R’ Kids, with security cameras and CPR trained staff also being employed throughout the building. In addition, parents can view their children’s classroom through a protected internet application, giving them peace of mind about the well-being of their child and the program they are in.

Programs at Kids ‘R’ Kids range from infant and toddler child care to before and after-school care. Its First Class Curriculum® focuses on developing a variety of skills, including language and cognitive abilities. The programs offered also place a heavy emphasis on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) principles to provide a well-rounded education and help children pursue their passions. One of the best parts of Kids ‘R’ Kids is how convenient it is for parents, as transportation and meals are all included, on top of educational opportunities.

Kids ‘R’ Kids in FishHawk is located at 5815 Kids Crossing Dr. in Lithia and offers walk-in tours of its facility. To learn more information about Kids ‘R’ Kids, visit or call 813-548-5417.

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