The Four Old Guys are featured in their most recent band photo, sporting their classic attire and ready to rock onstage.

By Ella Shockley

Mike Levy, Bill Nunally, Paul MacGregor and David Wolf are the four names collectively known as The FOG Band, a popular, local band playing most often at restaurants and bars but are occasionally found at event venues, private clubs, charity events or even private parties. The FOG Band was created a few years ago by Levy; he called up his friend of 15 years, McGregor, and reached out to Nunally, who they played a charity event gig with a few years back. Nunally introduced the group to Wolf, and Levy knew this was the start of a great band.

The band’s name has a ring to it, ‘FOG,’ but what does it mean?

Levy explained, “When we were getting called back to play at Keith’s Oak Bar and Grill in Brandon, we realized we needed a name. After sifting through different ideas, we agreed on the name FOG (Four Old Guys). It just seemed fitting and easy for our fans to remember.”

The inspiration for The FOG Band grew from the legendary bands of the 50s and 60s. They play classic rock with some blues and country mixed in. Depending on the location, the band’s set varies. For example, if a venue requests easy listening for dinnertime mixed with dance music from the 50s-70s, they do both. The FOGs love the songs the audience enjoys — any song that brings the audience up on their feet, or ones where they can sing along.

The FOG Band can often be seen live at Keith’s Oak Bar and Grill, located in Brandon. Keith’s is very near and dear to the band’s heart as it allowed The FOG Band to play multiple open-mic nights and booked them as their headline entertainment for many Friday evenings over the past year.

You can join The FOG Band on Facebook at FOGBandFlorida to keep up with upcoming events. They are planning their 2024 calendar, so if you or someone you know would like to book The FOGS Band for events, parties or charity fundraisers, send them a message via Facebook or email at and they will be in touch.

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