Hunt + Gather’s delicious wine and appetizer pairings.

By Bella Ferretti

Where a culinary adventure meets a farm-to-table experience, the new restaurant, Hunt + Gather, located in Lithia, offers a fresh and unique dining experience you won’t want to miss. The menu is unlike a typical dining experience, and it aims to create dishes that follow the mission of “Be local, be wild and be free.” This captivating menu offers a unique experience to taste new and exciting flavors. To ensure the food is fresh and authentic, Hunt + Gather seeks to eliminate chemical preservatives, hormones and other processed ingredients.

“The most rewarding part of owning and running Hunt + Gather has been getting to know the people and the neighborhood where we felt immediately welcomed. My favorite part is when people try new dishes that they have never heard of at our restaurant, and we can provide this new wild and forage menu,” said partial owner Lux Devoid. 

Start with the wild boar bites with Fla. sweet potato, pickled onion and spiced honey for a light sharable appetizer. Now for my personal favorite, the grilled cheese with rich, caramelized onions and a blackberry-mead dunk sauce. This grilled cheese is Devoid’s grandma’s homemade recipe and showcases the unique elements in traditional dishes. 

To end the meal on a high note, indulge in the smoked brownie with rich Belgian dark chocolate paired with house-made vanilla bean ice cream. Each bite gives you a taste of Florida’s diverse culinary heritage and supports small family farms.

Come in on Jazz Thursday for some live entertainment that is peaceful yet delightful during your dining experience. I had the pleasure of dining during Jazz Thursday, and it was a great touch to a fantastic meal. Local jazz performers rotate weekly for a new experience each Thursday.

“We are planning more exciting events soon after the summer is over and everyone is back in town,” said Devoid.

Dining at Hunt + Gather is a positive benefit for the FishHawk community as it gives the opportunity to support local businesses and performers, and in turn supports the local farms. Next time you are out looking for some unique dining, don’t forget to stop by Hunt + Gather, you won’t regret it.

For more information on Hunt + Gather’s menu, mission and events, visit

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