By Sophia Walck

During each summer, the Osprey Observer offers local high school and college students a taste of writing for local news, providing interns with invaluable experience working in the journalism business. This summer, the Osprey Observer is proud to show off their interns: Bella Ferretti, Avery Ranieri, Ava Benedict, Keiko Moral, Ella Shockley, Anna Edlund and Sophia Walck.

Bella Ferretti

Ferretti is from Orlando, currently attending Florida State University (FSU) for marketing.

“I first grew my passion for writing when I worked as the social media specialist for Dash Realty Group and wrote blog posts for the website,” Ferretti explained.

Ferretti also writes for FSU’s Strike magazine and was excited to take the internship at Osprey. Some of Ferretti’s other interests include working out, traveling, reading and going to the beach with friends. Ferretti’s favorite article that she’s written so far is “How Studying Abroad Changed My Outlook on Life,” which was significant due to her experiences studying abroad and being her first story at Osprey.

Avery Ranieri

Ranieri is from Brandon, and she has pursued positions in her school’s student government like class president and vice president. Ranieri plans to attend the University of South Florida or FSU for journalism or psychology. Ranieri’s favorite article that she’s written so far is “TGH at Home,” where she was invited to view the TGH Command Center to see what goes on behind the scenes of the program.

“I’ve had a lot of fun with this internship because it’s shown me a lot about myself and the power of writing and will continue to search for opportunities like this. It has been an eye-opening and inspiring experience built off plain fun,” said Ranieri.

Ava Benedict

Benedict wrote for the Talon a few years ago and enjoyed it, leading her to pursue more opportunities to write for newspapers. Benedict plans on attending the College of William and Mary. Besides reading and writing, Benedict enjoys acting and painting. Benedict’s favorite article written so far was about an organization called You Matter to Me, which helps migrant families and the community.

“The internship program has not only helped me grow as a writer, but as a person. Being able to spread the word about an organization that makes an impact and hear stories from a diverse group of people changes your perspective on the world,” said Benedict.

Keiko Moral

Moral is from Lithia, and she plans on attending college in-state for her Bachelors. Besides writing, Moral also enjoys Orchestra. Moral’s favorite story that she’s written was about a program entitled Small But Mighty Heroes, which helps kids with cancer in many ways.

“This experience has been very positive. Everyone at the Osprey Observer has been kind and helpful when it comes to the stories,” said Moral.

Ella Shockley

Shockley attends the University of Central Florida for journalism and has been involved in many productions, including Tampa Bay HEAT and the Florida Academy of Performing Arts. After COVID-19, Shockley became more oriented with journalism and began producing and anchoring for her high school’s magazine show. Other than writing, Shockley finds inspiration and connection through music and loves attending Disney World. Shockley’s favorite story she’s written so far is one about Haley Berger, Miss Kansas USA 2023.

“The input we have during meetings is truly thought upon, which is so refreshing. Our voices matter on story ideas, topic ideas and ideas on how to approach certain stories. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is possibly considering journalism, or just loves to write,” said Shockley.

Anna Edlund

Edlund is a local resident who plans to transfer to the University of Florida for journalism after a year of attending Santa Fe College, starting this fall. Edlund has pursued journalism for the last six years through yearbook and journalism programs at her school. Besides writing, Edlund enjoys music and art and is currently learning the electric guitar. Edlund’s favorite story that she’s written so far was one about Wat Mongkolratanaram Thai Temple, which aided her knowledge in Tai culture.

“I am enjoying this experience because I’m able to share cool stories with my community whilst also gaining my own knowledge in the process. Multiple stories that I’ve researched have left me amazed as I learn so much that I hadn’t known before. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to connect on a deeper level with the world around me,” said Edlund.

Sophia Walck

Walck is a local resident who plans on attending the University of Central Florida for journalism. Walck writes for her current school paper as a news editor and has enjoyed writing all her life. Other than writing, Walck enjoys marching band as the flute section leader, music and art.

Walck was recommended this internship by her current journalism teacher at Newsome High School, Adam Musgrave. Her favorite story that she’s written so far is one about her fellow intern Avery Ranieri’s brother, who underwent a kidney transplant 10 years ago and was written about this summer as a follow up for the 10-year mark.

“It was truly inspiring to see such a supportive and strong family, who have no doubt been through a lot, persevere through the unknown,” she said.

Walck described her time at Osprey as a “great opportunity” for herself and the other interns to learn the ropes of writing for a real newspaper.

“It has been an amazing experience, and I plan on writing for them more after the internship,” she said.

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