Judy Meyette and Larry Linder, creators of EKG On One Page.

By Avery Ranieri

Judy Myette and Larry Linder have transformed the world of health care by finding a more efficient way to measure and interpret EKGs. An EKG, or electrocardiogram, records electrical signals from the heart to monitor different heart conditions. The two Sun City Center locals are eager and hopeful for their product, ‘EGKs On One Page,’ to open new doors to cardiovascular treatment.

Linder, associate professor at Hillsborough Community College, and Myette, a paramedic at South Bay Hospital, joined forces with aspirations to make a change that saves lives and serves as the dawn of a new era for comprehending cardiovascular conditions. The professional pair, having a passion for emergency medicine, saw an opportunity to simplify the coding process and seized it. The value and use of EKGs On One Page is remarkable to anyone working in health care. EKGs On One Page is a comprehensive reference guide that displays the 33 EKG rhythms on one side and their associated treatments on the other.

Linder stated, “Not only is it useful for students, EKGs On One Page is suitable for a wide range of medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, paramedics, medical students and educators.”

Clinicians and students alike can use this tool to assist in determining treatments and possibly preventions with heart-related diagnostics. Understanding EKGs has never been easier.

“EKGs On One Page is a useful approach to studying EKG ID and treatments. I recommend this quick reference guide to anyone studying the science of EKGs or working in the medical field. It provides a vast amount of EKG information in a one-page document,” said Dr. Robert M. Betzu, M.D., FACC.

Enthralled with the idea of remastering wellness programming for the better, Myette stated, “Ultimately, the best part about emergency medicine and being a first responder is to be able to help other people in their time of need. Through our product, we can assist those in the medical field to be able to more efficiently assess and treat their patients. Knowing we are providing that support is a true highlight.”

EKGs On One Page is expected to benefit the medical workforce and individual people for years to come. Such a profound product is the key to a healthy future and a step in the right direction towards a more advanced world of health care. Visit https://ekgsononepage.com/ for more information and to have a look for yourself at this groundbreaking and life-changing product.

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