A group of Overflow Fine Arts students celebrates their success in numerous artistic competitions.

Twenty-four students from Overflow Fine Arts, a Valrico-based organization, have gone on to compete nationally in Ohio following their success in district competitions. The group has received praise for their specific talents, including winning first place in the choir category.

The program houses a wide variety of artistic skills that kids participate in, including dance, public speaking, drama, instrumental music, human video, writing and much more. Students are given a supportive environment to learn and expand through weekly practices and extensive competition preparation alongside mentors.

“Our organization is a beautiful place for students to grow and develop. It’s not just about the competitions but bettering their gifts. Knowing that there is a place to explore your talents and try new things is important,” explained Ruth Spiegel, president and executive director of Overflow Fine Arts.

In the choir category, the group went up against institutions that had quadruple the number of their members. They additionally chose to take on a contemporary Christian or worship approach, unlike many others who took a more gospel route. Despite appearing different, the group focused on perfecting their technique and working hard until eventually winning first place.

“It was the first time ever in the top three and first was just so exciting. The students couldn’t believe it. We owed it to always staying true to who we were and trusting the Lord,” said Spiegel.

Alongside the internal strengthening that the fine arts produce, participants are introduced to many special opportunities. Students are often rewarded for their hard work and talent with scholarships that can benefit them in future endeavors.

“My son is about to start his second year of college. While being a part of the fine arts program, he got second place in the nation, awarding him a $3,000 scholarship. It’s a big help as a parent wanting a good future for their children,” said Ronnie Rivera, treasurer of Overflow Fine Arts and a fine arts parent.

The organization strives to provide children with the extensive artistic education that public school funding cannot entirely cover. Being a nonprofit, Overflow Fine Arts still requires financial assistance to educate students to the greatest extent possible. All donations are greatly appreciated to continue funding the uplifting of young artists.

To donate, register to participate or find additional information, visit www.overflowfinearts.com.

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