The Pelican Players Community Theater is an all-volunteer community theater group that does so much for the community. It puts on several main stage productions, offers Radio Theater and funds a scholarship program with the proceeds from its shows.

The Pelican Players Community Theater is a performing arts community theater located in Sun City Center. It was originally founded as a Kings Point drama club in 1980. The Pelican Players became incorporated in 1981, and several years later it became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

The mission of the Pelican Players Community Theater is to promote the dramatic arts by staging productions and educational activities. It performs three live full-length main-stage productions each year. Most of them are comedies, and some have an underlying meaning.

The Pelican Players Community Theater not only performs live and provides great joy to many, but it also does so much more for the community. This includes donating the proceeds from its shows to the Pelican Players Community Theater Scholarships Fund, which is administered by Community Foundation Tampa Bay. To date, it has contributed over $600,000 toward this endeavor.

The Pelican Players Community Theater offers all sorts of shows including the Pelican Players Twig Theater. The Twig Theater is a fractured fairy tales group which performs in area schools, churches and libraries.

The Pelican Players Cabaret Singers is a musical group that performs one main-stage performance each year and is also available for hiring out to perform for area clubs.

The Pelican Players Readers Theater gives four complimentary live Radio Theater performances each year. The Pelican Players Radio Theater records for broadcast and livestreaming on local Sun Radio and WKOT radio stations. Sun Radio broadcasts the Pelican Players Radio Theater recordings at 7 p.m. on the last Friday of each month, whereas WKOT broadcasts them at 7 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month.

The Pelican Players Murder Mysteries are live performances which are hired to perform at area clubs.

Their main-stage productions are performed at the Kings Point Veterans Theater, located at 1900 Clubhouse Dr. in Sun City Center. Performances are $16 and matinees are $13. Tickets can be purchased at the box office from Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., and at the door immediately prior to the performance.

When asked what sets the Pelican Players apart from other local organizations, Rick Swenson, president of the Pelican Players Board of Directors, said, “Our members are extremely talented, driven and dedicated. Our audiences have followed us for over 40 years and are the reason for the success of our PPCT Scholarships Fund.”

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