Little Greek Riverview prides itself on serving fresh food every day and preps all of the food each morning.

One restaurant in the community with local owners is serving up delicious food and community support.

Little Greek Riverview, located on Big Bend Road, is one of the top Greek restaurants in the area and is determined to serve the community in more ways than one.

While the current owners, Kam and Harmin, are not first-time business owners, Little Greek Riverview was their first restaurant and they have enjoyed being part of the community in this way.

One way the store connects with the community is through fundraising for local schools. Little Greek Riverview often hosts spirit nights for elementary and middle schools in order to raise money for PTA. Aside from supporting local schools and organizations, Little Greek Riverview prides itself on having a place for people to connect over good food.

“I like the people, both customers and employees,” said Gabe Torres, crew member at Little Greek Riverview. “I like being able to talk to people and get to know them.”

All of the food at Little Greek is made in-house. The team members at the store cut all the vegetables, including potatoes for fresh french fries; roll dolmades every morning; mix the tzatziki; marinate chicken; and more.

Little Greek is known for gyro pitas; Greek salads, which include homemade potato salad; and chicken skewer platters, which include chicken skewers, homemade rice, Greek salad, pita bread and homemade tzatziki.

Little Greek’s five core values are passion, integrity, constant improvement, operation excellence and giving back. The Riverview location has built a team that supports one another in upholding these standards throughout every shift.

“Everyone here is really close-knit and has each other’s back,” said Joh Greer, assistant manager at Little Greek Riverview. “Everyone’s job is equally important; we are part of a team.”

Delicious and fresh food, passionate employees and connecting with the community make up Little Greek Riverview.

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