Some nice redfish and grouper were caught on recent trips.

The weather is getting very comfortable on the water. We will begin to see some of the cold fronts come down from the north, but these are some of the best times to fish. Everything is open in the bay to catch and keep. Gag grouper, redfish and snook will be the desired fish for the season.

Redfish will be schooling and on the prowl to eat. Gold spoons are a great search lure, or maybe use some soft plastics. Run those gold spoons down the mangrove lines or in deep pockets located in the passes and backwaters. Cast the soft plastics toward the mangroves and move it slowly back to the boat. If you have live pinfish or fresh ladyfish, you will be in great shape to find some redfish. Cut the ladyfish into chunks, just big enough so the catfish won’t eat them, and let them sit as close to the mangroves as you can, or even just under them. With pinfish, you can trim the tails off and do the same.

Gag grouper will be a main staple while they are open. Large pinfish work great on heavier setups. Maybe a 6/0 circle hook on 80# leader. Work the edges of the shipping channels or reef locations in the area. Pinfish will be great because they won’t need weight, or at least not too much, as they will actively swim straight back down to the bottom where the grouper like to hide. They will hit very hard, so be prepared to really lay into them to get those beasts out and away from their hiding holes. The size limit for gags is 24 inches.

If you want to get out and get some dinner, find a local guide, or call me at 813-459-2521, and let’s go get some fish and make memories.

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