Valrico resident Barbara Ellis, House of Colour Tampa Bay owner and stylist, will complete your personalized color analysis in her studio.

Barbara Ellis, House of Colour (HOC) Tampa Bay owner and stylist, is offering a professional service that is resurfacing in popularity for professionals — color analysis. Wanting to look and feel one’s best is nothing new, and the concept of personal color analysis is not, either.

‘Having your colors done’ was wildly popular in the ’80s. While the process never went away, color analysis wasn’t being talked about until recently, when it experienced a surge in popularity again. Social media has fueled the recent buzz, with the hashtag #coloranalysis having hundreds of millions of views, and now professionals in Tampa Bay have the opportunity to access professional color analysis to help them show up in ways that establish identity, show approachable authority and increase their value in their businesses and workplaces.

The HOC color analysis is the process of using principles of color science to determine which colors best compliment someone’s natural skin tone, hair color and eye color. By identifying their ideal color palette, professionals can make smarter choices when it comes to clothing, makeup and accessories, saving them time and money. Realtors, business owners and C-suite leaders are some of the clients who have been finding HOC Tampa Bay’s services of great value to their perception and presentation for in-person or virtual interactions.

“Now I know how to dress smarter and draw people towards me naturally, which starts all my business interactions on a positive note,” said Tampa businesswoman Geneva Maresma.

Mortgage loan originator Christen Burden recently visited Barbara Ellis for a color analysis. She viewed the service as a smart business investment.

“I saw immediately how shopping will be so much easier and now I have much more confidence in my clothing choices for business and social engagements,” Burden reflected.

The two-hour personalized color analysis service involves consultation on clothing and also cosmetics and hair colors that best flatter each client.

House of Colour Tampa Bay is a locally owned business serving Tampa and surrounding areas that offers private and group color analysis sessions and style consultations. A style consult helps clients understand how to dress their body to highlight their best assets while honoring their individuality and personality.

Color consultations can also be booked directly through Ellis’ website. Learn more about the power of color by contacting Ellis through her website at or by email at

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