Troon Place, in the River Hills community, proudly asserts its status as home to the nation’s premier Halloween projection show. Troon Place is set to astound audiences with an unparalleled display of innovation, creativity and spine-tingling entertainment. The culmination of a year’s worth of development, featuring a world-renowned feature film director, harnessing 15,000 lumens from the world’s first short-throw laser projectors and driven by the creativity of an eight-person software development company and the Jolly Holly Shows creative team, Troon Place’s Halloween Projection Show is poised to redefine Halloween entertainment.

For those seeking the ultimate Halloween experience, Troon Place promises an unforgettable adventure through four unique and spine-chilling home projection shows with iconic themes, including Ghostbusters, Halloween: The Michael Myers Saga, Haunted Mansion and Stranger Things.

What sets Troon Place’s Halloween Projection Show apart is the remarkable collaboration between PixelPro founder Brad Bridges and the renowned design teams from Fitz Studios and Jolly Holly Shows’ world-famous Baird Manor. These design virtuosos have amassed millions of views online and graced the screens of television programs like Good Morning America and The Today Show, cementing their status as industry frontrunners. The fusion of their collective talent and boundless creativity is poised to catapult Troon Place’s Halloween projection shows into an entirely new realm of experience.

Bridges expressed his fervor for the project, stating, “We’re revolutionizing Halloween home displays with cutting-edge projection technology. Troon Place is the canvas for delivering the ultimate Halloween experience.”

Bridges further emphasized the invaluable partnership with Luxedo, highlighting its role in designing custom enclosures and software for the holiday season and future commercial branding opportunities.

The partnership between Luxedo and PixelPro represents a pivotal alliance in the domain of holiday home projection. Luxedo, a one-stop destination for holiday projection, empowers both novices and experts alike to harness cutting-edge technology and craft immersive and unforgettable experiences. PixelPro and Luxedo share a vision of reshaping the use of projection for marketing and branding, all while making holiday home projection accessible to all.

The grand premiere of Troon Place’s Halloween home projection shows is scheduled for Thursday through Sunday, October 5-8, with one show debuting each night. Starting on Thursday, October 19, 13 days before Halloween, all four shows will enthrall audiences nightly from 8-11 p.m., culminating on Halloween night. These projection shows will be accessible to all River Hills residents and their guests. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in these extraordinary Halloween home projection shows.

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