Brandon band Nasty Savage, still bringing energy and excitement to the heavy metal stages more than 40 years later.

Brandon band Nasty Savage is excited to celebrate 41 years of playing together. To memorialize this epic milestone, the band is touring Belgium and Holland to play for their many fans overseas. The band has released five albums and have toured all over the world. 

The band has previously toured Europe, including their time in 1988 with shows in Poland behind the iron curtain. When they were beginning, Nasty Savage toured with 60 shows in 65 days across the United States. A few years ago, they headlined music festivals in Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chili; and Mexico. However, they found they had loyal fans across Europe.

“It’s always exciting to continue and to go back to something you created years ago and play to hard-core loyal fans but to also capture new fans of younger demographic,” said lead singer Ron Galletti. “To travel to Holland and Belgium with Nasty Savage in 2023 is a marvelous experience, 100 percent.” 

The Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival was held just outside Amsterdam, Holland. The band headlined this two-day event that drew more than 1,000 fans. While in Belgium, the band headlined a club full of long-time Nasty Savage fans. Concertgoers traveled from Germany, France, Russia as well as other European countries.

“We enjoy playing our music, being with the guys, seeing old friends, making new ones, media coverage, photographers’ images, the travel, the challenge to deliver the music and the stage show,” said Galletti, who is turning 62 in December. 

The band consists of Galletti, also known as Nasty Ronnie; Scott Carino on bass guitar; Jim Coker on drums; as well as Pete Sykes and Dave Orman on guitar.

Galletti explained that their stage show has always been an extreme and true performance.

“Nasty Savage is a mix between pro wrestling meets Jim Morrison meets a motivational speaker meets Slayer,” said Galletti. “We take people on a trip like a roller coaster of emotion and it will burn images in people’s brains.”

Nasty Savage is lining up future dates in 2024 to play their popular heavy metal music in Tampa.

“The music is the power. It’s the most important thing on that live stage,” said Galletti.

For more information visit or Facebook search for Nasty Savage.

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