Dominic Ottl, fellow members of Troop 610 and volunteers on the day of the completion event.

By Kayleigh Jones

A great deal of time and effort is required to grow into a Boy Scout. Dominic Ottl, a local Scout, is one step closer to reaching the pinnacle of Boy Scout success. Ottl succeeded in completing his Eagle Scout project in late October, and with his remarkable style for design, Dominic assisted in enhancing a local preschool through landscaping, garden construction and repairs.

Finding the financing and manpower to undertake repairs as well as landscaping can prove difficult for low-income preschools. Fortunately for RCCG-GSA Preschool, which is maintained by Tyrone Dukes and Air Force veteran Ashley Dukes, Ottl organized a significant effort to finish his project and contribute to the school.

The Eagle Scout service project, also known as the Eagle Scout project, is an opportunity for Boy Scouts to demonstrate their great character and leadership skills while assisting someone in need in their community. The positive impact of the work must be long-term in nature, and the Scout must not receive any kind of financial compensation because of it. The purpose is to cultivate kindness, leadership, initiative and resourcefulness. Ottl concentrated for over two months organizing and securing all necessary clearances, which was a tremendous undertaking. He spent a number of days on the project site preparing for the completion day, October 28, on which Ottl was astonished by an abundance of volunteers spanning 45 persons. The most difficult yet rewarding component of this undertaking, according to Ottl, was “preparing the entire time.” To ensure the project’s success, Ottl had to learn a host of new organizational planning and technical abilities every step of the way.

Joining Boy Scouts facilitated Ottl — who has high-functioning autism — to gain vital life and social skills, participate in numerous activities and be exposed to other men (and women) mentoring him. Ottl was embraced with open arms by Troop 610, allowing him to fully participate and be a part of the troop like any other Scout. Ottl’s parents, Linda and Lubomir Ottl, have been incredibly supportive throughout the course of his journey.

“I am proud of what he has done — not just this project, his journey,” Lubomir said.

For more information, please contact Lubomir at To learn more about RCCG-GSA Preschool, visit RCCG-GSA Preschool is located at 710 S. Kings Ave. in Brandon.

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