Kids are loving Fortnite Fridays and parents love giving their children a safe place to play with their friends and meet new kids.

The North Brandon Family YMCA has recently added two new events to its calendar: coding programs and Fortnite Fridays. These initiatives offer unique opportunities for skill development and peer engagement.

The YMCA is excited to support the understanding of coding concepts at a young age. The coding program aims to equip children ages 6-17 with these crucial skills, providing knowledge that sets them apart in a technology-driven world.

“In today’s society, we use technology for everything, and for a child to say they know the concepts of coding at a young age is extraordinary,” said Maya Sisarran, associate program director. “They can use these skills they learned here and apply it to their decision-making of what they would like their career to be as well as having knowledge of something that a lot of people do not know about.”

The coding program is facilitated by Esports Players and Coding Club, which has donated the technology to the YMCA for the classes. Using popular software, students get to be a part of an engaging curriculum that utilizes games like Roblox and Minecraft. In the class, students will create their own mini worlds similar to the games they love to play.

The YMCA also offers an intermediate coding class, the Jr. Developer program, where students who have preexisting knowledge about coding or have taken the beginners class at the Y are offered more advanced lessons.

The program offers three package options: Monday/Thursday, Wednesday/Saturday or a two-hour Saturday class. The sessions are $150 for YMCA members and $210 for nonmembers.

While a YMCA membership is not mandatory for enrollment of the coding classes, members do get benefits like discounts and access to the rest of the YMCA’s amenities.

The second new program, Fortnite Fridays, offers a fun and competitive gaming experience for children ages 7-17. Fortnite Fridays are on the first and third Friday of each month from 6-8 p.m. and give kids the opportunity to engage in a safe and regulated environment for gaming competitions. Classes cost $20 per night, and children have the chance to win Fortnite V-Bucks each night.

The North Brandon Family YMCA’s new programs provide a unique avenue for child development, combining education and fun in an inclusive and supportive environment. For more information, visit

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