Newsome High School’s athletes were honored at the event at the beginning of November for their future on collegiate teams.

Newsome High School hosted a signing day event on November 8 to recognize its 18 athletes who signed National Letters of Intent.

Wolves wrestler Lana Clayton signed after just a year of wrestling with Newsome. Clayton’s coach, Corynn Cusson, said she has developed a great work ethic during her time on the team.

Five softball players signed at the beginning of November, including Grace Chin, Ciera Diaz, Mya Wells, Jenna Thomas and Nicole Rivera.

“They bring so much positivity to our program and I know they will do the same at their future programs. Watching them grow on and off the field has been a blessing, and I look forward to seeing all the great things they accomplish as they continue their softball careers,” coach Allyson Ledenham said.

Ryan Spitzer, Braden Moon, Wade Walton and Ryan Harris signed from Newsome’s baseball team.

“They’ve been a big part of our program for four years,” coach Richard Rohrberg said.

Boys’ lacrosse player Braiden Ames signed as well. Coach Ryan McAleavey said Ames has a great understanding of the game and has been a pleasure to coach.

“I am looking forward to seeing him finish his Newsome career with his best season yet and taking his game to the next level for his career at Florida Tech,” McAleavey said.

Newsome’s girls’ lacrosse team had Gracie Ochoa, Mimi Walters and Mia Proctor sign at the event. Coach Matthew Proctor said all the girls have worked hard both on the field and in school.

“It means a lot to me that Newsome takes the time to showcase their [commitment to] athletes every year by holding a signing day event. It goes to show how much time and effort the school continues to put into their athletics programs and realize the importance of recognizing student athletes’ achievements in all sports,” Ochoa said.

Jacob Ackerman, a Wolves golf player, signed in November, saying the event was special to the athletes who were honored for their commitments.

Hallie Wolpert and Megan Anderson signed from Newsome’s girls’ soccer team as well.

Swimmer Taylor Messerschmitt signed at the event as well. Her coach, Jeff Shotwell, said that, as a senior captain, Messerschmitt has become one of the team’s best leaders.

“Taylor is a true competitor. She always shines in the biggest moments. We couldn’t be happier for her and her family in seeing her get the opportunity to swim at the next level,” Shotwell said.

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