The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) is proud to announce the opening of two new slip ramps along the reversible express lanes (REL), marking a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to enhance the transportation experience for Tampa Bay commuters.

Slip ramps are additional access points/internal ramps within the expressway; they are the on-ramps and off-ramps from the Selmon Expressway to the REL. The new slip ramps allow westbound drivers to enter the REL near I-75 (avoiding congestion at Falkenburg Road and U.S. 301) and then exit the REL near IKEA and continue on the local lanes of the Selmon Expressway to destinations further west. This will reduce morning congestion on the westbound Selmon Expressway near I-75, avoid congestion near the I-4 Connector and reduce backup at the Twiggs Street and REL intersection.

“We are dedicated to improving the daily commute for our community,” said Greg Slater, THEA executive director and CEO. “These new slip ramps are a testament to our ongoing efforts to optimize traffic management and ensure that the Tampa Bay region thrives.”

The new slip ramps are part of THEA’s commitment to reinvesting toll revenue into the community, facilitating smoother traffic flow and a more efficient commute for Tampa Bay residents.

Slip Ramp Benefits:

Seamless Transition: The new slip ramps are strategically positioned along the REL, allowing drivers to make a seamless transition from the express lanes to the local lanes.

Continuous Journey: REL drivers can now continue their journey while enjoying an uninterrupted drive all the way to Gandy Bridge without unnecessary exits and reentries.

Reduced Congestion: By eliminating the need to exit at Twiggs Street in downtown Tampa, these slip ramps contribute to reducing cut-through traffic and congestion on city streets.

“Time and time again our community leaders talk about our transportation challenges in the region and the potential for these challenges to negatively affect our growth and safety. All of us at THEA are proud to deliver a solution that addresses one of those challenges with congestion relief while addressing safety by reducing cut-through traffic on neighborhood streets,” said THEA Board Chair Vince Cassidy.

For more information about the newly opened slip ramps and other completed projects by THEA, please visit THEA’s website.

THEA continues to be at the forefront of improving transportation in the Tampa Bay area and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that make commuting more efficient. These new slip ramps represent a significant step toward enhancing the daily lives of its customers.

THEA is an award-winning and dynamic transportation agency that owns, manages and operates the Selmon Expressway, Meridian Avenue, Brandon Parkway and the Selmon Greenway. THEA processes 58 million toll transactions and serves almost 2 million customers annually, with an investment plan to deliver over $1.2 billion in capital improvements to the community over the next 10 years. Visit

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