Pictured are the owners of FishHawk Creative Expressions, Kristin and Paul Culver.

In November 2023, FishHawk residents Paul and Kristin Culver started a family-owned business that specializes in personalized engraving called FishHawk Creative Expressions (FHC Expressions). FHC Expressions offers custom engravings, artwork and even personalized gifts.

The Culvers have many entrepreneurial endeavors in addition to this company, such as owning a home repair company and writing children’s books. In 2021, the Culvers wrote their first children’s book, If Our God Was a Hippopotamus, based off a song that Paul wrote for preschool children at church.

In 2022, Paul went on a mission trip to Uganda. The Culvers have the heart to return to Uganda on a mission trip this year with their If Our God Was a Hippopotamus book, translated into Luganda (the Ugandan language). FishHawk Creative Expressions originated in an effort to raise money for this mission trip but has since become a thriving second business.

With the motto of “Unlock your creativity; if you think it, then we can make it,” the Culvers can create pretty much whatever a customer could wish for.

The Culvers specialize in laser engraving and personalized gifts. FHC Expressions can engrave on many types of surfaces, including metal, glass, stainless steel, tumblers, slate, stone, photographs and trophies.

Kristin stated, “Many of our customers ask us how long it takes for us to create our work. Some of our creations can take a few minutes and some can take several days, depending on the complexity of the design. Some of our pieces are very intricate and require long hours of cutting and engraving.”

FHC Expressions can be seen selling gorgeous pieces of intricate art at the FishHawk Ranch Marketplace, located at Cross Park across the street from Park Square, on the first Sunday of every month. The Culvers are looking to participate in other marketplace events as well.

FHC Expressions also has an Etsy page where customizable orders can be requested at www.fhcexpressions.etsy.com. Prices of the artwork can vary from $20-$125, depending on the piece.

For more information or to donate to the Culvers’ Uganda mission trip, go to its Facebook page at FishHawk Creative Expressions. The Culvers also can be reached at 704-678-6120 or by email at fhcexpressions@gmail.com.

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Ashley Abene
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