Pat Magruder (right) and Stephanie Van Slyck at Magruder Agency are committed to working with their customers to get them the best insurance at the best price.

With the rising costs of insurance for houses and cars, as well as life insurance, renter’s insurance and commercial insurance, it can certainly become overwhelming. One way people navigate this complexity is by talking to a trusted and reputable insurance agent. Fortunately, Magruder Agency has been successfully helping people traverse this seemingly daunting task for more than 30 years.

Owner Patricia ‘Pat’ Magruder said that Magruder Agency owes its success to focusing on building relationships with clients based on service and dependability, rather than rapid growth built on pricing. She loves meeting new people and learning about their stories.

“Our goal has always been to do the best we can for the clients,” said Magruder. “Everyone’s situation is different, and sometimes we don’t have the best answer. We try to be up front and honest with the clients so they can make the choices that are best for them.”

As many Floridians know, homeowner’s insurance is a hot issue right now. Magruder explained that it’s a difficult market to find new policies and many of the insurance companies are short-staffed, which delays processing for all types of insurance.

“We are also seeing challenges in all the business lines, such as auto and commercial,” said Magruder. “I imagine all insurance agents are facing the same challenges to meet the increased demand for quotes and policies.”

Magruder also explained that the way insurance companies determine pricing and eligibility has evolved into a much more complicated algorithm.

“When our agency first opened, it was possible to produce a quote using a single printed manual,” said Magruder. “Now, there is so much more information needed and details to be considered; it takes longer to develop a viable quote that can be turned into a policy.”

But this makes Magruder even more determined to provide the very best service possible to her clients.

“This is a difficult time for insurance on all lines of business,” said Magruder. “Rates are going up, companies are canceling policies and the rules are constantly changing. We do our best to help clients navigate the insurance landscape and find a product that will work.”

For more information on how the Magruder Agency can help you meet your insurance needs, visit or call 813-654-3100. Magruder Agency is located at 655 W. Lumsden Rd. in Brandon.

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