After many years as an illustrator of children’s books, Brittany Rollings of Apollo Beach has expanded her art business to offer custom-made, one-of-a-kind hand-drawn illustrations for people who want to capture a special moment through illustrations.

Brittany Rollings, a resident of Apollo Beach, is an artist who expresses her artistic creativity through illustrations. The accomplished book illustrator now also creates custom-designed, one-of-a-kind hand-drawn illustrations. This includes black-and-white sketches for individuals, couples, families, business logos and favorite pets. Most illustrations are created from photographs of the subject.

Rollings said, “The idea for custom-designed illustrations came about as I saw a need to create pictures capturing precious memories for people to cherish for the rest of their lives.”

She explained, “Some examples of these sketched memories include couples getting married and guests at the wedding reception, a young girl celebrating her quinceanera, an older couple celebrating their anniversary of being together for decades or drawings of family pets. There seems to be so many events where a hand-drawn memory is so much more special than a photograph.”

Rollings has been drawing her entire life.

She said, “My parents were incredibly supportive of my art, and so I was encouraged at a very young age to be creative. I started drawing cartoons from Disney movies at about 4 years old. I would also watch Looney Tunes characters and practice drawing them. I even enjoyed creating stories as a child and would draw pictures for the books I created in Elementary school.”

Rollings’ mother is an author of adult nonfiction books. Rollings illustrated her first book for her mother. The book was called Help! My Husband Just Retired.

Rollings said, “Together, my mom and I would later go on to illustrate a children’s book called You Are One of a Kind. We then collaborated on a children’s book series called Molly Tailwagger, which was a 10-book series focused on educating children about God and His love while also teaching valuable lessons, such as honesty and the importance of friendship. After the completion of Molly Tailwagger series, I continued to illustrate for other clients. I have been active as a contract illustrator for Xulon Press, a publishing company in Maitland, since 2012.”

Rollings said, “People might say that art is just a hobby, and you need to get a real job. I spent years in real jobs and never felt the joy or sense of purpose that I do when I am drawing for others’ pleasure.”

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