Cat Gardiner was one of 50 local authors invited to attend the 10th annual Oxford Exchange Book Fair. Her new duology, ‘Flying With the Swallows,’ was recently released and both books are now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Beginning in July, you can get paperback versions through Barnes & Noble and Payhip. (Photo courtesy of author Bria Burton.)

Cat Gardiner, a prolific author of 14 novels which span contemporary romance to 20th-century historical fiction, has released a duology titled Flying With the Swallows. The first volume is The Lisbon Affair. The second volume is Rendezvous in Berlin. Both books feature Mrs. Evelyn (Evie) Rousseau Somerset, a war widow and society darling. The books transport readers to the heart of World War II espionage.

Gardiner conducts meticulous research for her books. This, coupled with her ability for vivid storytelling, allows Gardiner to bring the tumultuous era of World War II to life, weaving tales of love, courage and intrigue against the backdrop of history.

Gardiner said the “Flying With the Swallows duology is a multilayered, evocative World War II story about a high society war widow’s determination to not be corralled by societal or familial expectations. The poem “On Thought in Harness” by Edna St. Vincent Millay has inspired her to break her tethers.”

Gardiner added, “The heroine charts a course of her choosing to make a difference in the Allied cause in honor of her deceased husband and to rescue a Jewish family detained in neutral Portugal. She is strong, despite her wounds. She is gutsy and brave when faced with danger. Despite her oftentimes harrowing circumstances and personal crisis in Nazi Germany, she ultimately finds herself peace and unconditional love.”

Finally, Gardiner said, “I believe Evie and her 1943 journeys are perfect for the women’s fiction reader as much as it is for the historical romance reader. She is worth cheering for.”

In addition to being a historian of the World War II ear, Gardiner is a member of the Tampa branch of the National League of American Pen Women. Her first book, A Moment Forever, was a 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Romance finalist.

Gardiner was one of 50 local authors accepted at the 10th annual Oxford Exchange Book Fair this past April.

Gardiner’s e-books are exclusively available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Unlimited until Tuesday, July 2. Thereafter, paperback books will be available through Barnes & Noble and Payhip.

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