Valrico business owner Julie Ashlock has authored her first book, ‘The Menopause Manifesto: Empowering Women to Thrive.’

Valrico resident Julie Ashlock is very proud of her first effort in creating a resource tool to help menopausal women thrive through this most important chapter of life and believes that it can be life-changing for so many women. The book is titled The Menopause Manifesto: Empowering Women to Thrive.

Ashlock, 58, is someone who has gone through the transition and now lives happily on the other side of menopause.

“I know all too well the struggles and challenges that come with it,” said Ashlock. “I am extremely passionate about helping to educate women through their health journey as naturally as possible.”

Ashlock knows that for so many women the topic of menopause has been a taboo subject, as many health care providers are not trained in the matter and many women don’t feel heard or seen by their doctors.

“For a large majority of us, our mothers/caregivers never had the conversation with us to know what to expect,” said Ashlock. “I am extending my hand to them because it’s imperative that we have a community to share our experiences and to know that we are not alone.”

The Menopause Manifesto is a resource tool that helps women know that they are not alone and feel validated, seen and heard with acknowledgement that their symptoms are real and not something they have to deal with or be told are ‘all in their head.’

“I provide tools and actions that truly will help to reset hormones, restore our sleep cycles, help to regulate moodiness/depression and generate more energy,” said Ashlock. “They will find a community of support.”

Ashlock is also the owner of Jules Body Shoppe. She is a certified master health coach, certified menopause coaching specialist, certified nutritionist, certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist.

“In addition to coaching women through menopause, I create wellness plans based on your DNA and lifestyle,” said Ashlock. “I eliminate the guesswork from your nutrition, exercise and supplementation.”

Through her connections within the community, Ashlock loves knowing that she is making a difference.

“My favorite part of my job is hearing that my clients feel better, have more energy, eliminate or lower medications and are sleeping more soundly,” said Ashlock. “Knowing that I have had an impact in helping someone improve their longevity is everything to me.”

Jules Body Shoppe is located at 654 E. Bloomingdale Ave. in Brandon. For more information or to purchase The Menopause Manifesto, visit

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