Three members of the T&T Estate Sales LLC team. From left to right: Husband-and-wife T&T Estate Sales owners Lee Garner III and Safiya Oraefo with Lee’s mother, Chris Garner.

T&T Estate Sales LLC is a small business that opened in October 2023 whose owners use professional experience to help clients throughout Hillsborough County liquidate their estates. Wife-and-husband team Safiya Oraefo and Lee Garner III own and operate T&T Estate Sales with their family, including Oraefo’s mother and sister, her sister’s husband and Garner’s mother. Originally from Missouri, they built up years of experience before moving to Brandon.

Prior to selling, T&T Estate Sales cleans up homes, removes junk, professionally stages items, researches items to ensure their fair market value and handles transactions. Alongside its extensive knowledge — covering products like firearms; ammunition; hunting, fishing and camping equipment; tools; automobiles; auto parts; and antique furniture, collectibles and glassware — this company is well equipped and dedicated to providing complete, smooth, and clean sales for local residents and even those out of state with local estate.

T&T Estate Sales also offers deep cleaning services, and Oraefo, her husband and her sister hold OSHA-compliant certificates in bloodborne pathogens training and personal protection equipment. By having completed these programs, they are able to safely and effectively clean unattended-death homes in accordance with county regulations.

But a range of services is not the only thing T&T Estate Sales provides. It has compassion as well.

“If someone comes for help, if they’re going through a loss, first we want to address that and hope they’re doing OK mentally,” said Oraefo.

“The grieving process is difficult enough because you’ve lost someone, and then you have to deal with the person’s belongings,” she added. “I know from personal experience with my brother, and then I lost my father in 2021, and it’s very difficult. Very difficult. So we give them the time that they need prior to setting up the sale … and I tell them to go through with someone and take out what you want to keep.”

If the team finds something clients overlooked that they might want to keep, such as photos, uniforms, or other personal items, they’ll make sure the clients know.

So, whether it’s because you’re moving, selling a lost loved one’s possessions, downsizing or going through a divorce, with T&T Estate Sales you can affordably and timely liquidate your estate without any stress.

For more information or to contact T&T Estate Sales LLC, visit, email or call 813-668-6520. It can also be found on Facebook at ‘T&T Estate Sales.’

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