Amy and Travis Larson of America’s Swimming Pool Company in SouthShore.

With summertime just around the corner, keeping your pool clean and refreshing is more important than ever.

America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP), the newest pool service company, opened in SouthShore in February and is excited to help community members get their pools ready for swimming season and stay ready all year long with regular services.

ASP offers a two-tier weekly maintenance, including pool cleaning and maintenance of the chemicals, as well as repairs, equipment upgrades and renovations such as refinishing and retiling pools. While summer might be the most important time for your pool to be swim ready, living in Florida means pools need regular maintenance. ASP offers year-round maintenance and cleaning to keep pools ready to go whenever the weather is warm.

“In the summer, it’s important to understand all the demands on your pool’s chlorine and maintain a residual to prevent algae from debris, UV from the sun and bather load,” said Travis Larson, owner of the SouthShore ASP location. “In the winter, the cooler temperatures help to mitigate the algae growth; however, it presents other challenges, as lower temperatures do affect the overall water balance.”

Larson recently retired from 20 years of service in the Navy as a submarine officer, which included jobs like being an engineer on a nuclear-powered submarine, being an executive officer and being part of the U.S. Special Operations Command. Because of this experience, Larson brings years of knowledge in engineering, piping and electrical repairs and water chemistry to ASP.

“I opened ASP because I wanted to connect with my community, provide a service that has historically lacked a professional approach and the opportunity to work outdoors,” said Larson.

ASP takes pride in not only helping pool owners keep their pools swim ready but also striving to help the community and the world through supporting organizations. On top of being proud sponsors of Apollo Beach Elementary, ASP is partnered with OneWorld Health to provide clean water to health care settings globally through the ‘Clean Water Matters’ campaign.

Water chemistry, especially for pools, is a complex process, and mistakes can easily happen when maintaining a home pool. The easiest way to avoid damage to the water quality is to rely on professionals who understand and can maintain the balance.

For more information, please visit or call the office at 813-641-4936.

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