Listen to Marie Gilmore at Constant Contact’s Be A Marketer

Despite being a newspaper, the Osprey Observer effectively utilizes digital tools like email marketing and social media. The key to running a successful local paper, for Marie, is being deeply involved in and committed to the local community. Her team focuses on covering local good news and events, and the relationships they build with local advertisers and readers.

“We laser focus on what we do. We provide customer service. We try to provide all the best services for our small businesses, and we just have to stay laser-focused,” Marie explains.

Being a part of the community and engaging in local events has helped create a strong brand for the Osprey Observer.

Listen to Marie share valuable insights on embracing the local community, the power of good news, and leveraging digital tools for better engagement, with host Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact.

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Wendi Westrate
Wendi has been working with Osprey Observer with her company, Collective IT Solutions, Inc. Wendi has lived in FishHawk Ranch for over 19 years and has become very familiar with many aspects of this area. She feels honored to work with an awesome community resource like Osprey Observer; and hopes to help spread wonderful news and information.