At bartaco, guests who are avoiding alcohol can savor a delectable rice bowl, taco or side of guacamole while still enjoying a refreshing drink by ordering a zero-proof mocktail.

The popularity of mocktails and nonalcoholic spirits is a trend that has not only taken over the internet but has invaded Tampa Bay. A mocktail is a drink that is made with ingredients like lemonade, sparkling water and often zero-proof spirits but designed to be interesting like a real cocktail, making a sober lifestyle easier than ever.

Many restaurants have incorporated a mocktail menu in order to serve guests who may be interested in a unique drink but are avoiding alcohol.

Here are four spots in Tampa Bay with a great list of mocktails on the menu.

Spend an evening at Jug & Bottle Dept., located in Seminole Heights, and enjoy a vegan dish and nonalcoholic drink. This shop offers a space where people can relax, eat a vegan dinner and grab a drink. While the shop does offer alcoholic beverages, there is a long list of zero-proof beer and wine options. From Riesling and rose to dark and light beers, Jug & Bottle Dept. has something for everyone. If you’re loving some of the zero-proof options, take a six pack of nonalcoholic beers or a bottle of zero-proof wine home to enjoy. Jug & Bottle Dept. is open from Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m., and is located at 6203 N. Florida Ave. in Tampa.

Head to bartaco in Hyde Park for a refreshing nonalcoholic drink with a side of tacos. While bartaco is known for its modern take on Mexican flavors and margaritas, you can also delight in a zero-proof beverage. With freshly juiced-to-order drinks, every drink at bartaco, including the mocktails, is made with care and passion.

“As we’ve seen trends shifting to people, and not just our kiddo guests, wanting to explore more options in the nonalcoholic space, we knew we needed to innovate,” said Agustin ‘Yogi’ Cristerna, bar operations manager. “After months of workshopping and testing different ingredients and flavor profiles, we landed on four new nonalcoholic beverages that we recently added to our menu.”

Two of bartaco’s newest mocktails are made with Seedlip nonalcoholic spirits. Nonalcoholic spirits provide the experience and warmth of a traditional cocktail without the alcohol and sugar content of real liquor. Visit bartaco at 1601 W. Snow Ave. in Tampa from Sunday through Wednesday, 11 a.m.-12 Noon, and Thursday through Saturday, 11-1 a.m.

One of Tampa’s hottest new restaurants, Willa’s, has also recently added a list of fun nonalcoholic drinks to the menu. Open for breakfast, brunch, happy hour and dinner, Willa’s serves a delicious experience for every meal. Three of the seven nonalcoholic drinks on the menu are made with zero-proof spirits. One is the N/A-groni, a zero-proof take on a Negroni made with a zero-proof gin replacement, and another is Giffard aperitif, a zero-proof replacement for Campari. With so many choices, everyone at the table is bound to find a mocktail that fits their vibes. Willa’s, located at 1700 W. Fig St. in Tampa, is open on Sunday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. and Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

With a laidback and welcoming ambience, Velvet Gypsy is one of the coolest bars in Seminole Heights. But just because it’s a bar doesn’t mean those choosing to stick to mocktails can’t come and enjoy the fun.

“At Gypsy, we want everyone to feel comfortable and loved,” said Mo Pickering, owner of Velvet Gypsy. “We don’t want you to feel the pressure to drink just to be a part of the social scene.”

From sweet options like the Queen of Pentacles with blueberry jam, lemon and soda water or spicy options like the Emerald with fresh jalapeno juice, pineapple and ginger beer, there is a wide variety of flavor options. On top of the mocktail menu, Velvet Gypsy also has nonalcoholic wine, beer and champagne. Visit Velvet Gypsy from Monday through Thursday, 5 p.m.-3 a.m.; on Friday, 4 p.m.-3 a.m.; and Saturday and Sunday, 12 Noon-3 a.m., at 5210 N. Florida Ave. in Tampa.

Additionally, you can find unique and delicious mocktail recipes to try at home on websites like or

With an increase in mindful consumption, the trend of sobriety goes beyond dry January and appears to have found a lasting place in culture. Mocktails offer a clean and healthier alternative to a traditional cocktail and are easier to find than ever.

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