Experienced Autism Alliance wants to support the autism community by giving resources, love and encouragement.

Turning personal passion into a force for change, Experienced Autism Alliance strives to support families and individuals with autism.

Experienced Autism Alliance was founded in 2019 by Tanya Hines, James Hines and Amanda Grozdanic. As two parents of a child with autism and an occupational therapist, respectfully, the trio recognized a significant lack of resources for families. They aimed to leverage their experiences to provide support and assistance to families in the autism community.

The organization was created in order to assist, empower and support families and individuals with children and adults with autism. Experienced Autism Alliance offers resources and educational opportunities with the goal of helping the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

One of the ways Experienced Autism Alliance has helped the community is through the SpectrumSqueeze Lemonade Stand that started in October 2023. The lemonade stand is a social program designed to provide meaningful employment opportunities and job training. It works to raise money for Experienced Autism Alliance’s programs and gives individuals with autism a chance to practice social skills and responsibility.

“I am thankful for the chance to work with SpectrumSqueeze and I’m getting more confidence while working at the register,” said Crystal M., lemonade specialist for SpectrumSqueeze.

Key aspects of the SpectrumSqueeze program include inclusivity, job training, community engagement, self-esteem and self-confidence, sustainability and autism awareness. Families of those with autism appreciate this opportunity for their loved ones not only because it helps them practice new skills but also because of the support and encouragement that the program gives.

“I am proud of my daughter’s first job and love the support and compassion of the lemonade stand,” said Ana Vargas, board member and autism mom.

The SpectrumSqueeze can be found at Experienced Autism Alliance’s annual Inclusive Trunk or Treat and many other community events throughout the year with freshly squeezed, delicious lemonade.

Experienced Autism Alliance works year-round to provide resources, including articles and books, events, training opportunities and information on where to find more support in the community that will help families and individuals with autism with skill building and more.

For more information, please email info@autismalliancefl.org, contact 813-324-5352 or visit https://autismalliancefl.org/.

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