The Riverview Public Library is one of many branches in Hillsborough County that offers the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative’s summer events and others like them.

By Gunnar Wagner

Summer is a time usually dedicated to relaxing, vacationing and often being a ‘couch potato.’ In an effort to keep families engaged, the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (HCPLC) is offering ways to learn new things and gain new friends, and perhaps even help you to avoid the temptation of scrolling mindlessly.

At HCPLC branches throughout the county, there are a variety of events being held that everyone can enjoy.

A few of the offered classes include:

  • LEGO Robotics, an introduction to robotics for kids with Lego.
  • The How-to’s of Crime-solving, where teens are familiarized to the basics of crime solving through hands-on activities to help library staff solve a crime.
  • Fascinating Stories From Our National Parks, where adults can learn about how many Park Service locations there are and the history of the United States’ great scenery though a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and audience interaction.

The HCPLC is also offering its Summer Reading program.

“This year’s Summer Reading program and events offer a fun and easy way to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning,” said Cheryl Wolfe, manager of learning experiences for the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library.

Many events and classes are ongoing throughout the summer, while others are distinct in that they are held only on particular dates and allow for new opportunities to learn. The schedule is done this way in order to guarantee that people will be excited and eager to travel to local libraries all over the county. So, get the most out of these experiences, and don’t forget to use any resources that the libraries have, as they just might help you in the future.

For more information about upcoming events or to register, visit the HCPLC website at or call 813-273-3652. Spaces may be limited for specific events. From LEGO Robotics to playing a game about traveling the world, local libraries have constantly remained at the core of communal engagement for decades and will continue to be for a millennium. Go and see what other wonders are at your local library and experience the delight of knowledge and imagination.

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