South Shore Authors is a group of talented, published authors with the goal of making the products of their writing efforts readily available to interested readers. South Shore Authors’ members meet on the second and fourth Thursday of every month at the SouthShore Regional Library.

The group was founded by Lawrence V. Drake and Mark Sondrini. Drake explained, “After many years as a self-published author, I struggled to sell my books in any meaningful quantity. Although I have sold several thousand books, I found that the time and money invested in marketing generally exceeded the return. I came to the conclusion that a band of authors could conceivably pool their talents and resources to more effectively attract attention to their work. As authors, we enjoy writing but we also enjoy the reward of people reading our efforts.”

Drake added, “South Shore Authors is comprised of a small group of talented authors with a combined total of more than 100 books. We currently have 12 members. Some of our members are quite prolific, while others have only a few books out so far. Most of our books are self-published, although some are published through conventional publishers. All of our books are available on and other outlets. They range over a wide variety of genre, from nonfiction memoirs to novels of all sorts. There are exciting military stories and sweet romances, intriguing mysteries and wild sci-fi adventures.”

In addition, the group works to produce audio short stories and other audio content. The SouthShore Regional Library has a recording studio which is available for use by residents of Hillsborough County with a library card.

You can listen to parts of Drake’s short story, “The Bonneville,” which he also adapted into a play. The audio stories can be found by visiting

In order to become a member of South Shore Authors, you must have a completed Amazon Author page and a minimum of two published titles. At least one book should have five or more reviews with four stars or better. Members are required to submit at least one short story for inclusion on the website and commit to jointly promoting members’ published works.

Drake said, “South Shore Authors is not a writers’ group but a group of published authors. We do not read and critique manuscripts or discuss works in progress. We focus on life after a book is published.”

For more information, please visit

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