Providence Christian School has been around since the 1960s. The school prides themselves on being well-rounded, and sports are just one of the many extracurricular activities provided to students. The school is K-12, but the 7-12 grade students play sports against other schools.
The athletic director, Glenn Redmon, has been teaching at PCS for about 21 years. In addition to being the athletic director, Redmon also teaches history courses and is the head coach of the varsity baseball and basketball teams.
My goal as a coach is to not only teach the fundamentals of the game, but also teach the fundamentals of life,” said Redmon.  “Teaching perseverance in sports will prepare kids to persevere in life’s hardships.”
Before starting a teaching career, Redmon had a decorated baseball career.  He had a successful college baseball career at the University of Michigan; he won a gold medal in the Pan-American Olympics, and he played with three professional organizations.  Redmon was drafted by the Chicago White Sox out of college in 1969.  He also played for the San Francisco Giants and the Cleveland Indians during his six year professional career. 
Even though Redmon had some success in baseball; he feels that what he is doing know is very rewarding.
PCS recently signed another contract to be a part of the Florida Christian Conference. This is the conference that PCS has been involved with for many years.
“We will be playing all the sports that we played for the past few years,” said Redmon, “We will have Boys’ soccer, basketball, and baseball and girls’ volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, and softball.”
For years, PCS had a football team, but they had to fold that program a few years ago. The athletic department has had success throughout the years and has even won some FCC state championships in various sports.
PCS’s athletic department is lead by a man who has played at the highest level in sports, but also has experience with the enrichment of young people. Redmon has dedicated his life to serving in Christian education and athletics. He has touched many students and athletes’ lives in his time a PCS.
PCS is located at 5416 Providence RD. in Riverview. For more information about the athletic program or the school visit


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