By Kevin Dorsey

The Buckhorn Homeowners Association held several special events in December. The Santa Claus Parade was held on Saturday, December 13 and Santa Claus rode in a red 1975 Cadillac convertible, provided by Dr. Max Courson and his wife, throughout Buckhorn.  He was escorted by a Hillsborough County Fire Truck and two Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputies, all with sirens blaring. The children and families in Buckhorn along the route were very excited to see Santa Claus. The parade ended at Buckhorn County Park. The Santa At The Park event began at Buckhorn County Park after the parade. The firemen and fire truck were on display for the children to tour and have photos taken. Santa proceeded to his and Mrs. Claus’ thrones where Buckhorn’s children were able to tell Santa their Christmas wish lists, and each received a gift from Santa. Parents were able to take free photos of their children with Santa. There was also a wooded Santa sleigh and reindeer for the children to explore and for parents to take photos of their children. Food and drinks were provided for everyone at the event. This was the twelfth year that Buckhorn Homeowners Association has held these events.

The HOA thanks all of the Buckhorn volunteers who spend their time enabling these events to happen, and they thank the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department for allowing their Deputies and Firemen, along with their equipment, to participate. The HOA also thanks the Hillsborough County Parks Department for allowing them to use the Santa thrones and reindeer with sleigh.

On Sunday, December 21, Buckhorn Homeowners Association held its Christmas Holiday Lights Judging Contest. Nine Buckhorn volunteer judges, who were not able to compete in the contest, drove by all of Buckhorn’s 652 homes to judge which homes had the best lights. Eight cash prizes were awarded to the winning homes. The HOA appreciates all Buckhorn’s homeowners and renters who lighted their beautiful homes for the holidays. For more information, visit

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