Osprey Observer Summer Interns 2018 (left to right): Mia Cafaro, Cat Wright, Manuela Graf and Sammie Green

Each summer, the Osprey Observer gives students an opportunity to work in a real-world, professional newspaper setting and have their writing published. These students can be in college or high school and are interested in entering the journalism field. This summer, the Osprey Observer welcomed Cat Wright, Manuela Graf, Mia Cafaro and myself on to the staff.

Cat Wright

Cat Wright is a junior at Boise State University. At Boise State, Cat is studying Communications. She says she has thoughts of grad school but is unsure. She likes studying Communications because it provides a broad and versatile foundation to learn many specialized skills.
Cat’s favorite part about working at the Osprey this summer was learning about the behind the scenes work that goes into a newspaper. She says editing the paper was the part she liked best. From working at the Osprey, Cat gained a more professional level of work experience by operating in a work environment where there are deadlines and time constraints.

To the staff at Osprey, Cat says, “I love you all and thank you for the opportunity. It meant the world the me to being able to come here and learn and learn I did.”

Manuela Graf

Manuela Graf is a senior at Newsome High School, looking to attend USF or FSU. Manuela took this internship at the Osprey to see what journalism is like in the real-world to see if this could be her potential major. She is very interested in environmental or international relations as well. Manuela also works on the Newsome newspaper staff.

Manuela’s favorite part about working at the Osprey was the people. She loved how open everyone was and hearing how everyone got where they are today. While being at the Osprey this summer, Manuela gained experience writing on more professional topics. She said working for a reputable business made her work harder and taught her so many new skills.

To the staff at Osprey, Manuela says, “Thank you for the opportunity. I got to learn about the community I live in where I did not pay attention to before. Especially to Michelle for helping me a lot with articles and giving me feedback about my stories.”

Mia Cafaro

Mia Cafaro is a junior at Newsome High School, looking to possibly attend FSU, but is still unsure and keeping her options open. She is thinking of a future in journalism, and leans towards sports journalism. Mia also works on the Newsome newspaper staff.

Mia’s favorite part about working at the Osprey was all the new experiences she had. She said this was much different than most jobs teenagers have and liked getting more of the real-world experience. While working at the Osprey, Mia gained skills to continue improving her writing and also broadened her interviewing skills.

To the staff at the Osprey, Mia says, “You have all been amazing and so nice and so helpful. It has been so fun to get to know the other interns too. And shout-out to Michelle, she has been amazing.”

Sammie Green

I am a sophomore at the University of Florida, studying Telecommunication News. I chose this major because of my passion for writing and talking to people to learn their stories. My goal for the future is to be in the broadcast industry as a news anchor or sports reporter.

My favorite part about working at the Osprey was how everyone was always so kind, welcoming and fun. As an intern, I gained more knowledge about writing, interviewing skills and the community as a whole.

“I would like to thank everyone at the Osprey for letting me come in the office every day of the week and work alongside you all. Thank you to Michelle and Marie for giving me this opportunity and thank you to Kathi for sharing your office and introducing me to the best spicy Thai food!”

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