Hal Mooney of Valrico is an independent guitar teacher (he also teaches the ukulele, bass, bango and more) who takes a different approach to teaching music.

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar but thought there was no way I can do that at my age? Has your child ever expressed an interest in learning how to play an instrument, but you were worried that rigid music lessons would not work? If the answer is yes, then you should look into taking lessons from Hal Mooney of Valrico.

Mooney is an independent music teacher who has been teaching young and old how to play the guitar for 21 years. He offers personal, one on one lessons in his lovely studio conveniently located in Valrico near the corner of Miller Rd. and Lumsden Rd.

Mooney takes a different approach to teaching music than most music teachers. Mooney explained, “I focus on what the student needs and wants. I show them what they could do and how to do it.”

Mooney does not emphasize structure. He gives them songs to learn. “Everyone learns better by doing. If you learn music by playing a song, you are going to pick it up faster, I want them to show their family and friends that they can play a song,” added Mooney.

Mooney gets his students to take in important information, like learning to read music, by learning to play songs they like.

Janet Costin of Valrico has been taking guitar lessons from Mooney since June of 2017. “I have loved music my entire life and dabbled with guitar. I wanted to learn how to read music and that was my primary goal,” said Costin.

“Hal is a patient teacher and a good one. He assesses your ability and customizes his lessons for your ability. He does push you to learn. I have learned more than I could ever image; especially someone my age (60 plus),” added Costin.

Mooney enjoys being an independent teacher and enjoys teaching young and older students alike.

Lessons are just $20 for a half hour one. He offers a family discount for two or more students.

Visit https://halmooneyguitar.com, find him on Facebook or call 690-4194.

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