Riverview resident Angie Acosta is the owner of Angie's Cupcakes. Many of Acosta’s clients have told her that her cupcakes are some of the best they’ve ever tasted.

Baking is in Angie Acosta’s blood. “I come from a family of bakers,” Acosta said. “My love for baking came from growing up baking with my mom, aunt and sister.”

Acosta is a Riverview resident and she started baking cupcakes about three years ago. “I used to bake just for family and friends, but then I kept getting asked if I sell cupcakes for parties, so I decided to give it a try,” Acosta said. “For the first two years I only baked for word of mouth, however, this year I started selling my cupcakes at local farmers’ markets.”

Acosta currently runs her cupcake business, Angie’s Cupcakes, from her home, but her goal is to start a cupcake bakery. “I want to start a cupcake bakery where I can also teach kids how to bake and decorate cupcakes,” Acosta said. “I take a lot of joy in making sure I create the perfect cupcake for each and every client. I currently offer over 60 flavors and I can customize them for dietary needs. I also offer cupcakes with protein for those into fitness and boozy cupcakes for the adults to enjoy for special occasions. I make mini, full size and jumbo cupcakes, as well as, pull apart cupcake cakes.”

Acosta likes to think of her cupcakes as a dessert instead of a cake. “I try to ensure that when you bite into one of my cupcakes, it will be full of flavor,” Acosta said. “It makes me smile when I see a new customer try my cupcakes for the first time. Their reaction is priceless as they don’t expect the cupcakes to be so flavorful. All of my cupcakes have some kind of filling in them.”

Many of Acosta’s clients have told her that her cupcakes are the best they have ever tasted. “I have been asked on multiple occasions, what separates my cupcakes from others and my answer is that I bake with love,” Acosta said.

“I know it sounds silly, but I truly enjoy what I do and take a lot of pride in helping to make my clients occasions a special even.”

In 2019, Acosta will be participating in farmers’ markets in Valrico, Apollo Beach and Ruskin. For a complete listing on where you can find Angie’s Cupcakes, you can visit Acosta’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/angiescustomcupcakes or you can contact Acosta at 380-2286.

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