Ms. Keedy (R), who has been a teacher for 28 years, stands with Principal Ms. Bush (L).

Why did you decide to become a teacher?
I love working with children. I worked at a daycare in college and absolutely loved it. Watching children learn and grow is very exciting to me.

What is a goal of yours as a teacher?
I want my students to learn the importance of being kind and respectful to everyone in everything that they do! I want my students to know that hard work pays off in the end and the importance of perseverance. I want them to work hard and be the best that they can be but most importantly I want them to know that their teacher truly loved and cared about them. I want them to know that I do, and will always, want the best for them. I want them to know that once they are mine, they will always be mine and that they can come to me for anything anytime from now to forever.

What is one of your hidden talents?
I love to sing so I teach a lot of new concepts through songs.

Any embarrassing teacher moments you are willing to share?
When I was co-teaching with my dear friend Mrs. Diahn Brauss during one of my observations I backed up and fell into a basket of books.

Is there a quote or saying that you live by?
Live, Laugh, Love.

What would you like to see changed in the schools?
I wish there wasn’t so much stress and pressure on students (and teachers). I wish we could go back to teaching children and take advantage of those teachable moments like we used to be able to do and not put so much emphasis on test scores! I feel as though kids are more stressed and depressed than ever before. I want kids to love learning and going to school! I want school to be fun for kids!

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