Pearl Chiarenza is launching her new program, Women’s Successful Living. Chiarenza, a successful author and public speaker, is eager to help women reach their goals in 2019.

As we head into the New Year, many of us pledge to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is weight loss or achieving a personal goal, January is the best time to kick-start a change. No one knows this better than Pearl Chiarenza, with BodyWorks Health and Wellness.

Chiarenza is a speaker and author of three books, including a number one bestseller and Christian Award winning book about businesswomen and their stories of entrepreneurship thriving after facing failure. Chiarenza has launched her new program, Women’s Successful Living, to assist women to achieve their goals.

“Over the last two years we have had clients we worked on their journey to getting healthy in weight loss inquire how we could coach them in other areas of their lives,” said Chiarenza. “Recognizing the need, I became a certified naturopathic life coach focusing on transforming your mindset.”

This transformational coaching is designed to transform a healthier lifestyle weight loss program as well as helping moms balance family with working, or even transitioning to a new life after a divorce. Chiarenza explains that there are so many life changes that could benefit from transforming you mindset to face life’s challenges.

“Because we currently work on health, as you become healthy we need to ensure your mindset is grounded so you can be successful afterwards,” said Chiarenza. “We are also working with financial planners, credit repair and corporations on changing your health and wealth mindset benefiting their employees and lessening health cost.”

As a Certified Naturopathic Transitional Coach, Chiarenza has been helping women achieve personal success for more than 10 years. After losing more than 50 lbs., Chiarenza successfully continued healthier habits in her own life.

“I am also passionate and sympathetic about helping you toward the vast number of obstacles that may arise during your various transitions in your journey.”

Beginning in January 2019, Chiarenza is offering $100 off eight-week sessions. Chiarenza urges women to reach out to learn how her proven success strategies have contributed to better health, mental wellness, spiritual healing and financial freedom for women nationwide.

“Find out how to live your best life and connect with women from around the world as we grow together,” said Chiarenza.

For more information, visit or call 324-8988.

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