The striking photographs of Plant City resident Alan Gambrell are on display at the Bruton Memorial Library in Plant City through the end of May. Take a step in nature with Gambrell through his remarkably clear and vibrant photographs.

The May art exhibit at the Bruton Memorial Library in historic downtown Plant City features the striking and poignant photographs of Plant City resident Alan Gambrell. There are 18 framed photos in the exhibit which is available for viewing now through the end of May. The Bruton Memorial Library is located at 302 McLendon St. in Plant City.

Gambrell’s photographic interest is nature. He expertly captures images of wildlife, especially birds, and landscapes. The photographs on display capture the essence of the birds and the places. His photographs feature local areas such as Walden Lake Park, City Hall in Plant City, Turkey Creek Road, St. Augustine, Ft. De Soto Park and Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County.

There are two black and white photographs in the exhibit and the rest are color. Gambrell said, “I tried to select images for the exhibit that showed what I am passionate about (nature and wildlife especially birds) and then some that would have local interest.”

Gambrell added, “I have always taken snapshots, but thought I wanted to do more. My neighbor, David Pugsley, is an award-winning photographer. He had a photo in the 2018 Audubon calendar. He got me interested in going out into nature with him to take photos and I really loved it.”

“Photography is a way for me to get out into nature and not only take photographs, but also just watch the natural world around me. I try to capture the images of wildlife without intruding or causing them any anxiety. I would rather miss the photo than make the wildlife or bird uncomfortable,” said Gambrell.

His photographs are incredibly realistic. You do feel as if you are out there with him seeing the bird for yourself.

Gambrell is retired from the Army. He has lived in Plant City since 1992 with his wife, Kathy, and their children. Kathy Gambrell is a 1981 graduate of West Point. The couple met in West Germany when they were stationed there and have been married for 33 years this October.

If you would like to purchase prints of Gambrell’s photographs, please email or call 759-8958.

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