Twin Creeks and Watts Dental team up to provide in-house dental care to employees and residents at Twin Creeks.

In a unique partnership, Twin Creeks Assisted Living & Memory Care facility teamed up with Dr. Jason Watts and Watts Dental to provide in-house dental health care to employees and residents. Both teams are equally excited about their new relationship.

At Twin Creeks, Krysta Lowe, marketing director, and Amy Vankleek, executive director, both understand how important it is to preserve routines and provide convenience for their residents.

Lowe stated, “It’s going to be amazing, especially for our memory care residents. There is no stress of having to travel to an appointment. It’s a gentle ride down the hall to go to the dentist.”

Additionally, dental health is often a strong indicator of underlying health issues, and when dealing with an older clientele, it is important to catch issues early. It is a perfect partnership.

Denise Williams, marketing director for Watts Dental, discussed Dr. Watts’ dream, “He wanted to go into assisted living and give back in a different way. We’re going to take care of the patients who cannot get out and be seen.”

With a background in hospitality and assisted living, Williams worked with Vankleek and Lowe to develop a strong relationship, assess the individual needs of each resident and create a space where patients can receive full dental care within Twin Creeks, complete with a portable unit that can move room to room if patient mobility is an issue.

Meanwhile, Williams began thinking about the employees at Twin Creeks: “I had dealt with single moms who had multiple jobs and cared for kids. I thought about part-timers don’t have benefits. We had plans for people who don’t have insurance, but we came up with a corporate plan to fit smaller businesses. It turned into us being able to have an office there to provide for the employees in addition to the residents.”

Lowe raved, “Dr. Watts has been amazing with putting together plans for people that don’t have insurance. He wants to make sure everyone gets the care they need. With us, our residents are a family. We wouldn’t let anyone in who isn’t a part of our family.”

For more information, visit Watts Dental online at and Twin Creeks at Watts Dental is located at 5605 Skytop Dr. in Lithia. Twin Creeks is located at 13470 Boyette Rd. in Riverview.

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