Local resident Paulette Speirs recently published a book of her family's favorite table blessings.

By Franka Potter

An early memory that so many of us share growing up in a Christian home is saying grace at the dinner table. Nearly 50 years ago, Paulette Speirs fell in love with the Lord’s table blessings and they became her expression of love, giving thanks and inspiration.

Now married for over 47 years with a family of her own, Speirs has turned her family’s favorite table blessings into a book.

After much encouragement and moral support from her family, in 2018, Speirs began her journey of over six months to write, gather pictures and complete her first book.

Rightly titled A Little Book of Simple Blessings, the book is a 60-page memoir of prayers, table blessings, seasonal blessings, poetry and pictures spanning several decades.

Speirs said, “I felt inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ to compile this book as these words and expressions of love blessed me and my family so much over the years.”

She added, “The purpose of this book is for me to leave a memoir for my daughters, husband, family, friends and anyone that can enjoy this book of love.”

Speirs also shared fond memories of her mother and even included her mother’s lace vintage tablecloth as the background for the covers within the book.

Many of the blessings and prayers highlight her childhood and celebrate holidays, family gatherings and home life. They also express the love she has shared with her husband for so many years.

One of the blessings, titled Love of Christmas, reads, “trusting in him, following him, living for him day by day, caring for others in all we do…Thanking and praising his name for the blessings of his abundant love. The Perfect Gift of All!”

A Little Book of Simple Blessings is available at The Green Boutique in Bloomingdale, at Southern Hospitality in Plant City and directly from Speirs, who can be reached by phone at 956-5770 or by email at pspeirs67@gmail.com. Speirs will also be signing copies of her book at Southern Hospitality on Saturday, September 28 from 10 a.m-1 p.m.

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